body treatments

duo exfoliation face & body

A seriously softening face and body treatment! A gentle exfoliation, using the Clairsonic Skin Cleansing System and refining polish, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.

45 minutes $85

shea butter & wheat moisture drench

To nourish, nourish and further nourish the skin. Experience immediate relief from dry, tight skin with this soothing and hydrating treatment.

60 minutes $115

remineralizing body wrap

This is the ultimate beauty tratment for the body, bringing moisture, remineralization, and balance to your body and a sense of well-being to your spirit. An essential treatment for relaxation of the senses, revitalizing the body, and moisturizing the skin.

60 minutes $135

flawless back

A deep purification and exfoliation for hard-to-reach areas. This treatment will leave your back feeling fresh, clear and hydrated. Ideal for special occasions.

45 minutes $75

airbrush tanning

An effective alternative for a healthy, natural-looking tan without harmful UV exposure.

full body $40
upper or lower body $22
face and decolette only $10

For best tanning results, wax or shave your legs 1-2 days prior to your appointment. The day of your appointment, exfoliate; we recommend you do not wear moisturizers, perfume, make-up or deodorant. You may tan in the garment of your choice; bathing suits or underwear work well. Wear loose clothing after application. Tight clothing can rub against skin creating streaks or an uneven tan.


Prices are subject to change.